I get so excited when people send me asks, like you could literally just send me one that says pancakes and I’d be so flattered that you took the time to send me that


text tricks; click the <html> button in the corner


<small> makes things smaller. the more <small> you use, the smaller it gets.

<big> same applies with big

<sup> makes things go up up up up

<sub> makes things go down down down down

<u> makes


If you have problems focusing while you write, try using ILYS.

The site is coded so that you can’t see what you are writing, only the last letter, and you can’t edit anything until you get to your words goal.
This means you have to focus on writing and what’s on your mind, and not the editing of what you have written so far.
You have to write or you can’t edit.
Once you hit your goal you can edit and write normally, or go back and use ilys once again.

Since you don’t have to worry about editing, you can let your creativity flows.
It can be frustrating, but it’s also liberating because you have to let it go.

Write first, edit later.

I was with Beth. We got out together. I was with her for a while. Is she dead? She’s just… g o n e



Yes ma’am. I can edit the link in. It’s here:

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Are NR and EK going to that?

Emily for sure is. And I’m pretty sure Norman will but he’s not ‘officially’ confirmed. But without Sarah it will be so incomplete :(

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btw you guys. This amazing weekend was not without sacrifice. Turns out Sarah Wayne Callies can no longer attend WSC ATL this year. She was the one I was most looking forward to meeting. And I found this out only a few hours after Andy said he was going. Sigh.

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for putting together that list of friendly reminders. If anything I think maybe Emily feels comfortable enough to be so cuddly with Norman because he was initially so cuddly with her. I hate that she's getting flack for it.

My pleasure! Yeah, it just makes no sense to me. I’ve always thought Norman was the more, er, obvious one with his affections. But I know he tends to be like that in general. Either way, the assertion that Emily is hanging on him to try to gain from his fame is ridiculous. 

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fangbanger135 replied to your post “Friendly Reminders”

I thought that interview where he tackled her was on set….

I don’t know if there was another one? haha But that’s where this one came from.

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Friendly Reminders

Paleyfest 2013: pictures make it clear Norman came up to Emily & kissed her on the cheek/hugged her

s4 premiere 2013: we have video of Norman coming up to Emily on the red carpet & kissing her cheek & running away. But obviously he came back & then they took pics together. At which point Emily put her arms around him.
We also have this: “Reedus also clearly has a deep affection for Beth Greene (Emily), as he impulsively ran over and tackled her in the middle of our interview.”-from eonline (note this was during an interview which means it was after the red carpet photos. So this happened twice that night.)

sdcc panel 2014: Norman initiated pretty much every single little side conversation they had during the panel. We don’t know how the photo arrangements were decided.

Does it sound to anybody like Emily is the one ‘hanging onto’ Norman? Not that I am saying it’s only on his side. I think it’s mutual. And that’s great. But it’s certainly not ‘unwanted attention’ from Emily or whatever you want to call it. This is a two way street. And both parties look perfectly happy on this street to me. 

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